Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Art of Buying Brushes

During my causal after-class conversations with my art teacher, we were discussing the risks of online transactions and ordering products online with no real idea about the quality of the product. Books he had ordered from Flipkart in the past looked very old and used when it was delivered. So he is completely against the notion of online shopping.

"Especially while buying art materials, it is important that only an artist buys the materials since they know what they are looking for", he said.

I responded,  "But Sir, I have just bought brushes without checking them. I don't know what to look for and I was not even aware I should check them before the purchase".

"S, you must dip the brushes in water and check for the smooth strokes and how well the brush holds the water, as if it were paint. 
Rub the bristles against your finger to check the tension. It should not be too stiff or too soft. It should have just the right flexibility.
Check the ferrule, which is the metal casing holding the bristles. It should not be bent or distended. Further the bristles should also be even and hold shape. 

Finally, even when you buy paint tubes, gently press the ends to check for the paint".

A learnt a valuable lesson today.

Persevere. Make Good Art.

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