Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just Listen, Really Listen

With cyclone Vardah pulling down trees and bringing life to a standstill, it added to my miserable state of self-doubt. I dropped by my artist-mathematician friend's house to vent my state of mind. She encouraged me to take a break from work and in the meanwhile, really listen to what our art teacher was trying to tell us. 

She showed me her painting, which she stood for two hours and worked. It was beautiful.

I took a break from the painting to look at other aspects of my foundation and review my work done so far. I felt more confident.

I resumed my oil painting. I have been working on the autumn foliage for sometime.
It has come out better simply because I worked on it with a better understanding of the composition. I also decided to stand and paint, with the hope it would give me a better perspective. It certainly helped.

The company we keep is important. At the same time, we must also review and strive to improve our work as much as possible. 

I look forward to enjoying another session of painting tomorrow.

Persevere. Struggle.
Make good art.

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