Friday, December 16, 2016

Better Days

In my earlier classes, my teacher put me through vigorous sketching sessions to help me build a foundation. While trying to fish out some of my photographs, I chanced upon my sketches. 

One of the most time-consuming aspect of the shading exercise  in this picture, was the thick bushes capturing light in some areas and darkness in others. What we see in photographs is a world of difference from what we render on paper. 

Always shade on the smoother side and keep your arm movement fluid.

In this sketching and shading session, the proportion of the coconut trees in the foreground and background was tough. After a series of erasing and redrawing until the paper was thin, I nailed it.

Looking back, I realise I need to give myself more credit for my work. We should never undervalue our own worth. My teacher brought out the best in me. 

My works tell me that I have known better days, but not before a long struggle. This is how it will be. It's all good.

The end result is so fulfilling. We would not have had this experience if we were not willing to push ourselves to give it our all. I should heed my teacher's advise, follow his instructions and internalize it throughout my work.

Make Good Art.