Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Practice and Craftsmanship

The last one week had been absolutely crazy with the Navratri celebrations  and balancing a full time day job. It took me completely away from Guitar practice and my shading exercises. I had to skip class last weekend since I was volunteering for my run group for our first year anniversary event.

But here is what I tried out the week earlier. I love trying my hand at sketching human forms that are looking away or doing some activity, but not staring right at us. I  love that element of unknown, keeping the viewer guessing. I have been using Vasudeo Kamath's book on Sketching and Drawing as my practice exercise. Once I finished my pencil work, I went over the sketch with pen again for another round of practice with a different medium.

My teacher rightly pointed out that though I had the overall proportions right, the beauty of anatomy is understanding each part and its intricacies, the function they perform and then developing that muscle with its appropriate shape. 

With practice and patience, the craftsmanship will become unmistakable.

Make Good Art.

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