Saturday, September 24, 2016

When Art Rescued Me

A few months ago when I was going through a tough period at work, all I could think of was getting through it. I did not sketch or practise my music. I was unhappy and frustrated. No matter how much M pushed me to focus on Art, I was mentally not prepared for it yet. In all this chaos, I decided to move jobs and was naturally anxious about the new opportunity. I continued going for my weekend classes, but without involvement. 

It showed in my lines and chords. No practise. My teachers were dismayed, but patient and continued to encourage me to be more mindful. 

M was constantly reminding me that it was just a job and Art is my calling. Eventually, as I warmed up to my new job, I also laid down a set of work rules for myself. I will work hard, but I will put my soul into my art and music. The perspective changed everything. 

Art rescued me.

Now at class, I feel my flowers talking to me as I paint them. It is just the same feeling I get when I see my little garden of lush green potted plants in my balcony. We all share a silent conversation and it is a wonderful feeling.

I hear art's voice in my heart telling me when they need more layers and colour and when it is time to stop, sit back and just enjoy the painting when it is finished.

I have started getting into the habit of sketching everyday, or at least four times a week and the results have been evident. 

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