Friday, September 16, 2016

H is for Hawk

My current book read was also the source of my inspiration. 

My art teacher shook his head, and remarked once again, how my lack of constant practice in shading has been my bane - "S, Shading will help you understand the pressure you need to apply on your brush. The strokes as they start out sharper and end on a thin note. How was I to ever know if I don't spend time!"

I used the wrong brush for my Lavender blossom and was not very happy with my drawing. With each layer, I lost my way and was trying to correct it as I was painting.

My friend (who has been my constant motivator in making an artist out of me) admonished me for not posting on my art blog. I have been working on a book cover for her. 

I finally decided to complete a quick sketch of the Hawk after work, so I can have it reviewed in class over the weekend.

 "She looks drunk, Friday night, I guess", remarked my friend. Her head looks weird. I had squashed it working through the night on a flat surface, so the perspective had changed. To make matters worse, I gave her a squint. I could not help, but laugh at my artistry.

My darling bird, what have I reduced you to?

Back from work, I attempted to correct the proportions, but her eyes don't look fierce. Moreover, I decided to imagine another eye shaded over for a realistic effect. 

I will find out tomorrow. 

Make Good Art.


  1. I can see the improvement. Good effort. Keep at it and you'll get there.

  2. Thank you M! I love sketching so much more now.