Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Sketch A Day Keeps Squiggly Lines Away

My teacher remarked how my lack of sketching practice is impeding the completion of my paintings. If I plan to hold my solo next year, then I need to practice diligently. It improves your drawing, sense of detail, observation and lines become more sturdy. I promised him I will sketch atleast four subjects before the weekend for his feedback. 

When I showed my work to him in class, there was joy and satisfaction on his face. He breathes Art. My understanding of my painting dramatically improved as well. I could clearly see where I needed to rework and was able to not only recognise it, but redo the area with a sense of conviction. My teacher tells me how much he loves to sketch and all he uses is a simple HB or 1HB pencil. He has done over a 1000 sketches.

By sketching, your arm movement becomes fluid. You understand how to apply the correct pressure when working with tonal values. Then overtime irrespective of the tool you use, there is a natural understanding of the drawing and application of pressure on your brush or pencil; in essence, all you do is add colour, which is just shading. 

The week had been hectic and the stress was telling. I turned to art. I had never done this before. The old me would have plonked herself in front of the telly wasting precious time.

I love Art. It has given me such joy.  

Right now, I am using subjects from the renowned artist Vasudeo Kamath's book, Sketching & Drawing for practice. He is well known for his portraits.

Struggle. Persevere.
Make Good Art.

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