Friday, September 16, 2016

A Lavender Blossom

My next subject was a lavender blossom that I had my heart set on.  I wanted to recreate it in oils. This was one from my Kashmir series, though I am quite sure I have seen this flower in resorts as well as cities. 

The choice of colours was a complete throw away from my earlier subject and these were my favourite too. The viridian green reminds me of the Northern Lights. That's on my travel. 

The petals themselves were an interesting mix of White, Prussian Blue and Crimson Red with varying proportions depending on the tonal values I was interpreting from my photograph. 

My teacher was pleasantly surprised with my work at this stage and remarked I was doing fine. As reassuring it was to hear from a talented artist like him, I think it was also because there is such joy in working with colors, the smell of linseed oil, and the smile at the end of the hour that he actually saw. 

I have come a long way in so many ways. 

Make Good Art.

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