Saturday, July 9, 2016

Struggle, We Must

I burst out into tears today. Trying to wrap my head around the intricate colours and patterns of the petals put undue pressure on my mind and the lack of skills at this stage of my progress in the art world, did me no justice. My teacher was so surprised about how emotional I had become. 

When I asked him to demonstrate the blobs and the water droplets on the petals, he declined to do so and instead gave me a few tips on how to get the effect. I was upset. 
My mind visualised the fiestiness and vulnerability of the flowers as the final output on my canvas, this incredulously high expectation after just three oil paintings! Then my teacher sat down and explained it to me - you must struggle. Its getting through that struggle that will be imprinted in your memory. You are not in constant touch with the medium except on weekend classes. You must sketch and shade for what you see are not lines, but abstractions using lines. What we actually see are tones. 

He could not have made me feel more beautiful as he explained how he sees my face in tones. I see you in a different tone because of the light falling on your face. Your face looks darker in contrast to the colour of the wall which is cream. Your eyes are a darker brown and your dark hair falls around your face setting it off. Your crinkles on your forehead appear darker since light does not fall on them and they are the folds of your skin. What you see in totality is not the right way to go, but you must see it in tones.

I have not practised anything in a week. I will struggle. I will go back to basics. I shall enjoy the flower coming to life.

Struggle, we must. It's all worth it. Every bead of sweat, every tear drop is a lesson in progress, humility, passion, and perseverance.

Make good art.

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