Saturday, July 9, 2016

Doodles, Pastels and Experiments

My uncle passed away to terminal stages of liver cancer. I skipped class to help with the final journey. As upsetting it was, music and art have become my companions at work and at home. I have bought a Japanese ink pen for line work and scribbles, Camlin artists oil pastels and water color cakes. I try to do atleast one doodle or sketch everyday at work. Sometimes, I am able to achieve my goal and some days like the last two days, my deskjob gets the better of me. I could have stuck to my goal after I returned home. Maybe from today, I will do that. 

I am experimenting with oil pastels and I quite like it. My favourite medium has always been ink, but as you expand your mind to different mediums, it opens you up to different possibilities, different sense of beauty and it helps at work too. 

Life nudges you with gentle humor. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals - artists, photographers, graphic designers, fondant creators. How enriching!

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