Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Back to Basics and Add Oils

I finally realized how much I enjoy art, not just for art's sake but for the quietness with which my soul is transformed each time I hold a brush or a pencil. My fellow artists coaxed me back to where I belong and it feels right now.

I have been practicing shading from Victor Ambrus book on Animals, which is simply beautiful and in class, I have started working on oils on student's oil paper for practice and what a delight it has been.

Refreshed from my trip to the beautiful mountains of Kashmir, I have started an oil work of my own photograph of a lovely tulip.

I will be back in class this weekend, having a suffered a setback with a lower back pain. Now that has not stopped me from holding the pencil and trying some doodling. I probably will die with a pencil and art coloring on my hand and in my heart.

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