Sunday, July 25, 2010

Animals: The Horse

I could never decide if I wanted to sketch horses or tigers. My teacher gave me the option of specializing in either one for a few months till I got the various aspects right, such as the features, expression, muscular construction, and so on. This is by far, one of my favourite sketches, which I absolutely loved and enjoyed working on.


  1. Sowmi,

    Its fact it has inspired to me to start learning sketching....

    a quick there any way where you can pencil sketch a black stallion ?...

    I have seen some great sketches - try Mahabs / any temple it would be great lesson to practice.

  2. Hey Sowmya - this is brilliant. Loved all ur sketches. Seriously urges me to join somewhere to learn sketching; Let me know if I can take up some weekend classes in the place where u learn.. :)

  3. Your drawing of the horse is wonderful. Keep it up. Give me the name and number of your teacher I can learn from.